Dakota County Crisis Shelter: Young guest moves back home, leaving space for another

Get a tissue out for a happy ending for one shelter guest who has gone home.

The Apple Valley Police Officer Pete, Rebecca and I were privileged to see a special moment. At midnight, a mom and dad showed up. Dad stayed in the car and mom came in and asked for her 22 year old son. She said he had used Grace Lutheran’s wi-fi yesterday and contacted mom and dad, telling them he was somewhere inside.

He grew up in Dakota County, went to high school locally and then his family moved to Phoenix at the end of high school. He returned to Dakota County as a young man and became homeless in recent months, sleeping with another current shelter guest in a car or under bridges.

Mom and Dad arrived by plane last night and came straight from the airport. Mom asked me to tell her son that they wanted him to come to the hotel with them. I woke the young man and he confirmed that he wanted to go with them. He entered the lobby and melted into his mom’s shoulder, she started crying, stating how happy she was to see him after a year and a half, I got teary and as they walked past the police officer (who didn’t know the background until I told him), the young man looked around the building, stated, “This is a nice place” and walked out to his dad in the car.

One less homeless person in Dakota County today.

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