Homelessness is everywhere – urban, suburban, rural

In Dakota County there is a coalition of churches, homeless advocates, support organizations and the County that have been working on a permanent shelter in the county to serve the needs of the community.

The cold weather has temporarily shifted our goals. We are in emergency mode – we need to find housing now and work towards a more permanent solution in the future.

Dakota County Crisis and Long-Term Shelter

A temporary cold weather crisis shelter for single adults, youth and families is now open in Dakota County to serve its residents who are without an option for safe shelter.

Rides are available for guests in need. This shelter site will be professionally staffed and supplemented with volunteers. Guests will not have to leave during the day.

Contact me (Monica Nilsson at 612.405.5156) for more information or if you are in need of a ride to the shelter.

We need to immediately foster this crisis situation. Your financial donations will be used in ways very specific to needs that come up, including everything from helping someone buy a pair of winter boots in their exact size to food, pack-n-plays for babies to sleep in and coats, to helping to fund the long-term goal of a permanent shelter.

Please consider a donation.

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