About the Author

Monica Nilsson has been a homeless advocate in and around Minneapolis and St Paul for over 20 years. She is a gifted writer, a keen observer and a tireless voice for those homeless.

She has been in the field. She understands the day to day challenges of not having a home. Not having a place for your stuff. Not having a bathroom or kitchen or a couch to relax. Not knowing where you’re going to end your day.

Monica has also done training with police, social workers and local business owners. She understands the balance of wanting to help those homeless, wanting to optimize business opportunities and wanting to keep everyone safe.

I have created this website for her because I think her stories need a wider audience. I might sneak in a rare post when she’s too busy or too humble to toot a horn. Otherwise the plan is to provide an archive and broader platform (than Facebook) for her stories – which are the stories of those homeless in the Twin Cities.

Ann Treacy