Treat her like a lady


Shelter is no longer needed for everyone in the Twin Cities. Winter is over. Do you agree? Are you a woman? It’s 3am and I am sickened to have left women so tired they couldn’t walk without assistance alone on Metro Transit: senior women, young women, mentally or chemically impaired women. Last week, our legislature passed $8.75 million dollars in funding to update the Metro Transit station at the Mall of America, in part because the Super Bowl is coming. And what of those breathing fixtures at our Mall? Just under $1 million dollars passed for shelter operations statewide for a year. That will fund 2 shelters in the state. If you are a woman, I appeal to you to look at each of these women and ask what you can do to help.

A listening session on the lack of safe shelter will be held Wed, June 7, 4-5:30pm at St. Olaf Catholic Church in Minneapolis. It will be live streamed on Facebook. Homeless folks will have the floor, to speak not sleep. If you are not homeless, please attend and just listen. #mnshelter

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